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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bellydance DVD review: Amira Mor Energy

Shimmy on Sunday! My next DVD is another Amira Mor DVD in my collection. It is her energy DVD. circa 2004.

The video opens up with her, I guess on her patio near a (green) pool and a lot of statues. 

Yes that water is really green it is not my camera or my old TV. 

She introduces the DVD (which her cute accent) and her group performs yet near the pool and the statues. I am so sorry but the whole time I was watching this I kept thinking of the sopranos. The pool and the statues just reminds me of New Jersey and the tv show sopranos. No offense. 

So those are all the screen shots I have of this DVD. I just can't get over them dancing by a pool on the patio.

The layout is as follows- intro, group perfoms and teaches 4 segments and then the choreo is repeated for you to dance along. The run time is about an hour. She does have a microphone on and talks while she dances. She does the dance though facing you so you have to mirror her or be confused. The dance she teaches is to Habibi Ya Eini. It is a cute basic beginner choreo. However, she only gives some counts, and if you are a counting sort of dancer this will require some work for you to learn it. 

The question is would I perform this choreography? Probably not. First of all, I am not dancing at all- so no. LOL But if I was dancing in a restaurant setting and needed some easy content this would be a easy thing to quickly add. It is a very traditional song and for an arabic audience they would love it. I however, interpret the song differently.  

Overall this DVD is fun and easy and I enjoyed myself while doing the DVD. I got a good sweat going, so I am happy. I would also like to give them props for having their snake arms in sync. I would say this DVD is not for the intermediate or advanced dancer to learn a choreo. But this is geared towards a beginner student. 

Verdict: Time to sell. Not because I didn't enough dancing to it. I just need the space. And well I am not dancing.


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