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Monday, September 23, 2013

Iron Craft: Halloween, Sparkly Pumpkins

Good Golly! Life is a bit of a blur.... between Flugtag (which was awesome!), security detail, fiscal year, Sick, Sick, and more sick, Refashion Runway, Iron Craft, Work, Life!  I am just trying to make sure I get things done on time and I take deep breaths!

This next iron craft challenge is Halloween. Yes I know it is September but you know got to get started early. I debated what I wanted to do, beaded spiders? bunted banner? ???? I finally felt better the previous weekend and took a trip to Target, because my life is that exciting. I stumbled upon this different color pumpkins and realized this is what I want to do! I want to use up some of my bling on some pumpkins!!

Giddy! I simply just put my clear AB rhinestones (in various sizes) on with some glue using a toothpick.

As you can see I added small rhinestones to the stem. Go big or go home!

The white one reminds me of Cinderella's carriage. The black a spiderweb. The orange... err just a sparkly pumpkin..

I love my new halloween decor! I will start decorating soon for fall. :) Yes! Actually just a reminder I am competing at Refashion Runway. My plaid project is up for a vote. Please go and check out the projects and vote! If I make it to the Halloween week, OMG my refashion costume I have in mind will be epic!!! I am so excited for this!



Just Crafty Enough said...

The white is my favorite because it is over the top!

Addicted 2 DIY said...

These are super cute! I will have to add these to my list of fun Halloween decorations.

La La Lauren!!! said...

thanks cat! Yes they are so over the top! And that is why I love them!

@Addicted 2 DIY thank you for your compliments :)


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