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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Amira Mor Fitness

Shimmy on Saturday!! From here on out through the rest of the year I will be posting all of my bellydance DVD reviews on Saturdays and Sundays until I am all done! I am finally going through my DVDs here, still going to try and finish all 70 by the end of the year and complete that New Years Resolution.

Yay! Always good to get some exercise. I am going to focus on the DVDs that are more fitness geared and less of technique/choreography based. Thought I would try out Amira Mor's Fitness first.

Here is the menu. There is only one selection. You can't select any chapters. Please forgive me again I have pictures taken on camera on my old tv (that won't die regardless of storms, power surges, and moving to various states). 

The DVD opens up with her dancing in some sort of hall or restaurant. Her costume is a little bit too crazy and bare for my taste. Then she has her troupe/students (one of which is her daughter). Again, I just feel sort of weird with them baring so much leg. Ok on to content
There are 6 segments.
1. Prep
2. Arms/shoulders
3. upper body
4- hips
5- walk
6- dance together

So goes through basic moves, isolations, all very slowly. I did not break a sweat. I actually got so bored that I did it in fast forward. It has a run time of 45 minutes and I just couldn't let myself loose that much time in my short day. Now I did notice that sometimes she doesn't do both sides to the same extent. 

The format of the class is like a workout DVD. She faces you and explains things. It isn't like a dance class where you want to follow the person in front of you (which is how I learn the best). She does have a microphone on her and talks while she dances.   

At the end of the DVD is a melee of dancers at the end, dancing to music. 

Basically, I would not call this a fitness video. 

My overall verdict: Time to get rid of this DVD
I would probably not recommend this DVD even to students who are just starting out. I think there are probably other DVD's with better explanations of moves. Also I think the name is off, not a fitness DVD. Production wise it was good. Clear shots, not weird angles. Sound was good. 

Again these opinions are my own. Had I actually worked up a sweat, I would consider keeping it but space is hard to come by in the city. I need the space! 


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