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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Rania Daily Quickies

Happy Shimmy Saturday! Time for Rania's Daily Quickies. Now this is a fitness based DVD. There is no bellydance at all. Maybe just a move or 2 there.

Now I may not be the biggest Rania fan but I waned to give her a fair shake. And I could use a workout. The menu of the DVD was set up nice. You can select one of 5 10 minute workouts. All which target a certain area.

Now I am not also a fan of dancers having 6 packs. You just loose the feminity which the dance so entails
Now she voices over her workout. There are no other dancers.
There are 5 portions
1. Abs- bunch of crunches which really I could get a better ab workout doing pilates
2. Arms, chest back. I got really bored with this workout. I added my ball to get a better workout. Also she says nothing about doing weights. She then threw in push ups (which I hate).
3. Legs/bum. Squats, and some ballet moves.
4. waist- this is where she actually did some bellydance moves. Again I got bored.
5. Flexibility- which was some stretches. Nothing really fancy. I would rather do yoga.
This work out was not fun. I think that I would rather do something else then keep this DVD. I did get a little sore in my abs the next day. So the verdict is to get rid of this DVD. I have funner workouts. 

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