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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY brown hair flowers

I made some flowers for my dance students. They really stepped up to the plate, we learned a dance in the round. Which is confusing. I made them some flowers for their new costumes. Here is how I made them....

First I found some fabulous flowers at Michael's. They are brown and yellow just like their costumes. Now to make them sparkle!

they were easy to pull off the stems. Now we need to deconstruct them. 

Then I found these beads in my stash. I had no plan just yet. 

yeah even topaz!!

how about these rose ab crystals?

Time to remove the plastic middle part. This is the part that keeps it all together. 

Oh look more plastic!

After everything this is all the plastic I have, just from one flower. 

Now I need to put it all together. This is just simply sewing it back together. And not glue. It was going to make it too stiff. And I still had to add beads

This is what I did. A circle of crystals. And fill in with the bright yellow ones. 

After everything was done I needed to add a clip. I grabbed some glue, a clip, and a round piece of felt. 

First glue the felt over the stitches. 

Then glue clip! I let it set overnight. 

Done! Yay. Pretty easy. Will post when the students wear them. :)


1 comment:

Sonja said...

They looked GREAT with the costumes!


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