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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bellydance Review: Twins; Arms, Buns, legs, etc....

Shimmy on Saturday! Wahoo. Got some more DVD reviews in store. Oh yeah, I am doing my DVDs! Wahoo. Next up another fitness geared video from the bellydance twins. Ah this brings back memories to when I first began dancing in 2001. This DVD is from 2001.

This DVD actually has 2 parts. Arms/Abs and Hips/Buns/Thighs. You can do either.

Actually the intro starts off with then dancing in the dark. It is sort of odd. Then the lights come on and they start talking. I am really is the dark shadow dancing necessary? 

The workout of course starts with a nice warm up. I did get a good arm burn. And the next day I was slightly sore. Always good. It is a basic workout video with some basic bellydance moves. The moves are simple but again, I felt the soreness teh next day. The video was good in quality, however everything is dubbed over with voice. I just don't care for that. I like it when instructors talk while they dance. It just seems to keep the tempo. The workout was about 30-35 mins. I think the first section is stronger than the 2nd (the hips, etc).

Then there was a bonus performance section. And it brought back memories from when I first started to dance where lame was in thing with costumes and so was arm gauntlets. LOL.

I mean check out the gold lame (tissue?) arm capulets. 

Yes sequin dot harem pants. 

Don't get me wrong. They are great dancers. This was a fun workout.

Verdict: Maybe. I can't decide yet if I want to keep or sell. I was sore.


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