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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Urban bellydance by Fitness Essentials

Happy Shimmy Sunday. So I might as well pull another fitness bellydance DVD bandaid off, metaphorically  speaking. By the same group, Fitness Essentials. This one is Urban Bellydance.

Luckily not much was spent on this DVD, as you can see it was purchased at Ross. I think this was a gift from someone. 

I didn't want to waste a lot of my camera and space with this DVD again. Again it talks about Denise Druce but Heather teaches the class. This time with 2 other people. And yes a man is with them! 

The total workout time is around 31 minutes with the bonus stuff. My first comment which came out of no where was these people are playing dress up. Having a sparkly waist belt doesn't make you a bellydancer. The workout was like a dance class or a zumba class, or jazzercise or salsa. Actually, when you see some of them move I don't see a bellydancer I see a salsa dancer. But I am guessing they took a few lessons (?) and thought well it is close enough to salsa, yeah let's make a bellydance fitness DVD. It is all the same right?

Well wrong. It was awful. I don't know which fitness dvd from this group was worse. At least the other one had bellydance moves. This one has like none. Actually, the workout is a hot mess. It looks like the backup people didn't even practice or go over what they were going to do while the cameras were on. The girl in the green frequently goes in front of the guy. The people in the back also are clueless just have no idea. AT least in this DVD the sound quality is better and so is the video.

Verdict: Toss. It wasn't even fun and I did not get a sweat going. I was bored. Not worth the money.

I am so glad I have no more DVDs from this group. I promise you no more reviews from them!!


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Sonja said...

Yikes. Sounds horrible!


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