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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Neon Bellydance Party

Happy Shimmy Saturday. Today will actually be a fun DVD review. Changing it up today. Bellydance party with Neon.

Yes She is actually wearing jeans with side ties.

Brings you back to 004. LOL So this DVD is composed of 10 combos that are 32 counts each. They sort of build upon each other. They start out easy and get a little bit harder. She states that this DVD is for club and party dancing. And to just to have fun. I feel it is like for a girls night that everyone can learn and dance to.
There isa nice menu and the combos you can start at any of them. This is night.
There are diagrams (and bad pictures from my camera) that you understand. This is great for beginners for people who don't know moves. This is very helpful.

She does well with explaining moves. Like you were in a class. She does 8 counts each separately and then builds upon them to help you remember them. Which is a great tool to help learn. At the end she does all of the combo together at 3 different tempos. You can do all of the or you can select one that you feel comfortable with. And you can do that again and again. It is to basic music so it is easy. Now what she is wearing begs another question. So more jeans (really?) a club top, then a denim blazer, and a cardigan. She switches tops for each tempo.

It is jus a little odd. I expected a costume for this which was odd. She does a performance to again some sort of club music. She dances with a tray, which she is phenomenal with, the only weird thing is the background pictures they add while she is dancing. I sort of find it distracting and take away from the dancing. I find this happens a lot with DVDs I get from the New York group. To me it is a little too much for the dancing. I just want to see a good dancer, I don't want to see pictures in the background. If you are a good dancer you don't need fluffy stuff to enhance your performance.

Verdict: sell. even though I had a few times that she did get me with the combos, which I enjoyed being challenged. It is not something I would use over and over again. So in order to keep my space, I am going to get rid of it. But I did have fun! :)


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