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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Fitness Essentials Bellydance

Happy Shimmy Saturday!! Yeah! Got 2 more DVD reviews this weekend. Both are by the same Fitness company called: Fitness Essentials. The first one is the bellydance workout.

Even though the DVD says it is by Denise Druce, a girl named Melissa actually teaches the "class". Actually she blabs about her company and about her gym and this goes on for a long time. The entire DVD plays for 57 total minutes but the workout is 31 minutes. So 26 minutes of this DVD is talking. Yeah really. That is a lot of time-time I don't have. The menu is as follows...

The instruction really is not instruction. She does not give proper technique or form. She tries to explain moves but can't actually properly execute them. Yeah it is that bad. She lacks flexibility a bellydancer is supposed to have, isolation, and her moves are stiff and she moves other parts of her body while trying to move another. Actually in this section the sound quality is awful. It is really hard to hear her. Her coin belt over powers her speaking. Also you hear weird background sounds. Like someone on the phone. Yup. Actually as a dancer, it is almost too painful to watch. But let's move on.

Actually this picture is part of her performance at the end. That went on way too long. Actually, she gives a look like- do I have to keep dancing? Er. Um let me add this move. Or this move.

Ok back to the workout part. There is a warm up, work out, and cool down. 
Finally they gave her a microphone to hear what she is saying.  But her bra has too much metal that it interferes with the sound with the microphone. The workout was just her, no class, again with bad isolations (like her butt moves when she tries to life her chest). Again the instruction is not very clear, she also does not have a clear understanding of what a figure 8 is. Or what the difference is between horizontal and vertical figure 8. She got really confused. I did not sweat nor what I sore the next day. 

This is what I really dislike about fitness instructors who take a bellydance class or something and think they can make a fitness class with it. This was AWFUL. And I don't say that much at all. I also don't like it when dancers have 6 packs and no meat on their body. In my opinion (and take it at that) real bellydancers have meat on their body. You see their moves. I would rather take a class with a meaty dancer than one with a 6 pack. Bellydancers are not meant to have 6 picks.

Verdict: Sell. Get rid of it. OMG do not buy this DVD at all. I might not even be able to sell it after this review. LOL.


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alexandrea said...

I just bought it at goodwill. It should have stayed there. The music is terrible too.


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