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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Handmade Jewelry Thursday 8.18.11 Pearls and beads set

Wow I have made it for another installment of handmade jewelry thursday. Wow what a record for me! Today I took on a jewelry making kit. "pure Innocence"

I made the earrings first.

Then I went for the bracelet and necklace. There was no directions so this was a pain in the rear!

I did not receive enough head pins to make the other earrings (but didn't care for them either) nor the necklace.

It wasn't bad but this was my first time making loops with pins. It is pretty hard. I was not exactly a fan. But once I got going, I could go pretty fast but every now and then I'd get stuck for a few minutes. It was less painful than the chain maille but not as easy as sewing lol!!!


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