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Monday, August 8, 2011

Iron Craft #32: Strapless top from a dress refashion

This week's Iron Craft challenge is Summer. Just summer (use your imagination). Now when I think of summer I think super hot weather. When I think of this summer I think hot temperature and the summer of sewing. Just in case you didn't know back in May I suffered from a hairline fracture in my back that took a long time to heal. It was incredibly painful and I was put on NO physical activity. Basically I went to work, came home and laid on my back b/c that was the only relief I could get. When I was able to sit long enough, I would sew for a bit. Being inactive has paid off, the crack has healed and I am in physical therapy to regain my flexibilty and core strength. Also painfully ripping some scar tissues :*(

So for me this summer has all been about the hot weather and sewing. So I decided to sew something for this challenge. I actually refashioned a dress for this challenge, because this year has been all about refashioning also. :)

Take a look at what I began with... a very large flowered dress from goodwill just $1. Loved the fabric, hated the mom dress/mumu. I could work with the fabric. Also a plus, the material was light and airy. A plus for this heat! Sorry this is not much of a tutorial!

I decided to use the fabric on the bottom to make like a strapless flowy top. I cut 17 inches from the bottom off, then another 5 inches to create a ruffle. I hemmed the ruffle, then pinned it right side ruffle to wrong side top. I sewed a narrow seam b/c I did not have a lot to work with length wise (d'oh!). Then I flipped the ruffle over so the right side of ruffle was right side with fabric. I sewed about 1/2 from the top b/c I was making a casing for elastic.

I looped some elastic through and sewed it together. Next was sew down the back center of the top to finish it. I did not need to hem b/c the bottom part was already a hem! ;) There was some forthought here.

I then used one of the side ties to make a neck tie by finding the center of the top and tacked it down by hand. Poof done! :)

Now I still have the top portion of the dress that I am trying to decided what to do with. Currently on the back burner. But this top symbolizes my summer 2011- hot refahsion sewing! ;)

Can't wait until next challenge for iron craft!




kat said...

Great use of a $1 dress. Glad you are healing well. My husband fractured his wrist this summer too so we know what the low activity summer is like. Though a wrist is nothing like what you had.

Sylvie Créative said...

Wonderful refashion!


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