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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teal Dress refashion

I found this dress one day at goodwill. I really loved the detail below the bodice and thought I could work with it. When I got home and looked at the dress further, it may have actually been a PJ and not an actual dress but I could probably turn it into a dress or even use it as a coverup.

First, this dress is too long. I cut off the bottom.

Next, it has a wonderful bias trim at the sleeves but not anywhere else. I decided to add black bias trim to the neckline and also the hem. It kind of finished the garment and made it more of a dress. :)

Next, I wanted to add some detail to the middle design. I had some black seed beads in my stash and used them to make the design. Off I went to bead...

Here's half way done with beading. It took me much longer to bead than I expected b/c of the curves of the design. And I am a mad beader!

Done! Here is my new dress...

I promise you that the length is even. For some reason in the picture it looks crooked! LOL. But adding those few details, really pulled the dress together!

(yes more blogs coming up, I am playing catch up!)


sew vala said...

the beading must have taken ages, it was sure worth it, beautiful.

La La Lauren!!! said...

actually beading garments is my retard super human strength. it look less than 2 hours and I was watching tv while I did it. :) Thank you for your compliments, I think it came out great too!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice!


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