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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So the adventure continues

Well I haven't posted much on the blog and there is a reason for that... A month ago I hurt my knee. I fell on it, don't want to get into details about it but it hurt badly. It never swelled up nor was the bruise bad. I thought it would just go away and I'd be better. It never did, I could not get my knee to straighten and I had a limp going. I fianlly got in to see the orthopedic (after begging and pleading for an appt), xrays were clear so I scheduled an MRI. Turns out I have a couple of small tears in my knee but they are not bad enough to warrant surgery and having it scoped out. Worst one is the MCL. It is torn and strained. I now have a Robo knee... a wonderful hinged knee brace which I am still trying to get used to being on. But it could be a lot worse! I start pt on wednesday, just as my back pt is being about over (last week today!). So between that and the meds for anti-inflammation which have messed up my sleep cycle. I have been slightly off.

Good news, while resting my knee this past weekend (and not going to New Orleans)I sewed a lot! All I need is the end pictures and I will be ready to post! :) I have mostly refashions and a few sewn projects. I do have another baby shower coming up (wahoo!) so more baby gift ideas coming up!

Hoping to not lapse any more with blogging! :)


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sew vala said...

Looking forward to seeing your new posts' your ideas are real inspirational. Sorry to hear about your recent knee problems, I myself have hip/pelvis problems and got muscle distrophy in my eblow after cortisone injections so had to stop playing drums in my Samba band. So I can no longer bang those drums. Which gives me more time to sew, but I do miss it dearly.


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