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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Handmade Jewelry Thursday 8.11.11- teap drop sparkle

Several weekends ago, I had craft time all one weekend. Just craft after craft after craft. It was so much fun! I trying to clean up my 2nd room. I have been meaning to post this but after the craft was all done, I lost the bracelet! I have been searching for this bracelet, ripping up my entire apartment trying to find this bracelet!!! Two months later, yesterday the boyfriend found it in the couch, which suprised me but no less made me rejoice. Here is what I did!

I found these great little teardrop gems on clearance at michael's one day and thought I could use them for something.

I also had this heavy bangle I got years ago I think from Burke's Outlet. I had worn them a few times to dance but now opt for shinnier ones. Plus it is a stone finish, it doesn't go with much. I thought it was time for an upgrade. :)

I started to spray paint the bracelet. I had leftover gold metallic spray paint from the potted plant I made. :) I made sure that both sides were covered.

Luckily in the heat the paint dries fast!

Next I added the teardrop mirrors to the bracelet and just tacked on with some glue. I alternated between colors and which way the point was directed towards. I opted for different direction since it was impossible to get them all in the exact direction! It was easier to just alternate.

I let the glue dry then did a light cover of polyurethane to seal everything in and then we were done! Pretty fast and easy craft! I love the colors in this bracelet! It will go with so much. :)

Here's to not loosing another craft again! ;)


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