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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Easiest Maxi dress ever!

Here is my easiest maxi dress ever! Seriously I spent 10 mins to sew it and that was it! Actually I spent more time thinking if I should bling it or not then actually working on the dress. I opted to not bling it or add anything to it-it was just too much for the dress.

First, I always give credit when credit is due to Sweet Verbena, who just posted this easy tutorial on how to make a maxi dress. I had actually 1 less sewing step. Actually I only had 1 sewing step!

First, after reading her tutorial I dug through my fabric stash. I have a lot of knit fabric, really I was trying to figure out what color and did I have enough of that fabric. I almost went for purple but I have a lot of purple dresses (just came to realize this) and I need to expand my color pallete. I chose this dark blue/teal color knit fabric.

A plus of this fabric was it was 60 inches wide and one SOLID TUBE OF FABRIC!!! And.... And it was totally the length I needed. So I didn't even have to cut it. Score!!!

I turned the fabric inside-out and pinned the top portion of the tube together. Sew down. (here is lauren is dumb moment- forgot to change my needle from a heavy duty regular needle to a heavy ball point needle but I managed). I used a zig zag stitch.

Next I followed the direction exactly! I found the center and cut 6 inches down (just one big SNIP!!). And here is Natasha helping me with my ruler!

Next, cut out the armholes. She used 8 inches, as did I and 1 inch wide. No need to hem or finish everything b/c knit does not fray.

Turn right side out! Put on, and add a belt! Poof done!

The length is slightly on the long side but I was going to wait until I wear it once and see how it dries. Even though I have washed it, I tend to have bad luck in the length department. So I am waiting. I have plenty of room to spare!

Thank you for the easy tutorial. And here is to an easy dress! That is super comfy and chic! :)


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Mrs. No-No said...

This is so cute! I love that you make so much stuff from your 99 cent thrift store finds. I found you on Handmade Tuesdays and I am so glad that I did - I'm making your beautiful bib first!! It's so cute and pretty :)
I'm following you, too. Come by and visit if you have some time.
Carla :)


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