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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hair Flower Tutorial

A few people know that I made a ton of these once and wanted to know how I did it, so here is the tutorial!

First, I started off with 1 bunch of flowers that I pulled off the stems.

Next, I removed the stems of each. We will use all flowers to make a nice flower.

Put the biggest flower parts together make sure there are no gaps. Tack down with a stitch (shown with black thread- no worries about the color we will hide it later).

Add the next size flower to the bigger ones and tack down.

Add the next size...

Here is what the back looks like. I tend to go up the center with the needle and down the side.

Now we will start adding beads...

Glue Time. I just used simple hot glue and a gator clip.

Finished product

Pretty easy and fast project. I wear them alot for performances and they stay great!



Louisa said...

Cute! I love how nice and full it looks!

Deborah March said...

SO pretty!


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