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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A preview of refashions to come...

6 months have passed since I took my refashion oath, and I have truely enjoyed refashioning! I think I will easily make it to a year with no problems! I have also put a dent into my fabric pile with all my sewing projects. I still need to keep sewing b/c i have fabric everywhere!! But I am at 76 points right now, I will easily make 100! Maybe I should try now for 150 or 200?? Hmmm let's just stick with 150, much more attainable!

I am about caught up with the items from thrift stores I obtained and been thrifting again to start another round of refashions! Here are some of the items I have and have to make pretty!

Anne Klein Shift Dress

flowers galore!

Grey wool-it's swallowing me dress!

my black and sexy 1990s dress

Aqua sailor

Aqua tent

Eddie bauer wool skirt

this is just a few of them. I have others in my closet that you haven't even seen yet. Would you believe that each item only cost me $0.99??

Here's to me turning these ugly ducklings into some swans!!! :)


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