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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Men's button down refashion #2

Here is another refashion I am attempting with a men's button down. This was one of Calvin's button down that no longer fit him. He gave me 2 cream button downs. Same brand, same color, slightly different pattern on the fabric. The cream was a bit dingy looking so I opted to dye them. (picture has been lost! :(

They came out coral. I forgot which RIT dye I used since it has been awhile. I thought they were not dyed right b/c they were uneven. But then I realized the dye took more to the arm holes and the collar/neckline. Very Bizarre! Never the less, I picked one and thought I would play around with different neckline shapes. ehhhh...

Today I am going to try a V-neck sort of neckline. I had no clue how I should cut it so I picked the button that was not too low and marked about 1.5 inches above that. Then I tried 2 inches from the collar on each side and marked that. Then I simply cut a diagonal line with my rotary cutter. And yes I am now going to have a V-neck on the backside too!!!

cut off the sleeves to help take in and fix the armholes.

Here are the leftover sleeves. Will use them later.

Time to now slim down the main shirt. I used another shirt as a template.

Sew it down!

Next I trimmed the bottom part since it was too long. I used the fabric for later too!

Now to create something for this top. I used my gathering foot on the highest tension to create ruffles. But first I had to make my strips. I used all of the fabric I could, except the collar and the cuffs. I needed that much fabric!!

Here is the finished product! Very ruffley and since the edges are not finish they fray. But that does not bother me. Not my best refashion but not the worst. I think it would go great with a pair of khaki shorts. And since the fabric is super light (as you can see my bra in one of the pictures- so sorry) it is great for this very very warm weather!


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sew vala said...

very cool, I like all the ruffles.


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