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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is too much bling possible?

First off to answer this question... is too much bling possible? The answer is yes and I will show you why....

This was another Sonja gift. A beaded cardigan from Victoria's Secret. She said it looked like me with all the beads and sparkly stuff. LOL. Well it is not a lie, I love blingy and sparkly stuff. But it has to work and be balanced.

I would often look at this cardigan and just say something is off about it, but could never put my finger on what was wrong. One day, I finally came to the conclusion that there was TOO MUCH bling on the cardigan. Those beaded flower-thingies just overpowered the cardigan.

So out came my scissors (not my seam ripper, way too easy to go willy-nilly and rip a hole in the sweater). Snip, snip, snip away the beads. There are a lot of flowers on that thing! All I had left was the middle rhinestone that was taking too long to remove so I kept them on there! All what I had left was the edge trim of beads. And wow did it look better!

Here's with my camera on a different setting where you can see just a hint of sparkle from where the flowers used to be and where the remaining rhinestones are left.

I think it would look great unhooked with a belt and a skirt. See you can have too much bling (bad bling that is!). :)


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