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Friday, August 12, 2011

Deal of the Week!

Wow when this happened the other night, I was floored and so excited about the sale I got at Michael's! I don't feel so bad because I have been having a hay day with them regarding my needlepoints being framed. It is a really long story... Don't want to get into it! But here is my deal.

I saw this needlepoint (even though I have just sworn them off b/c of the framing ordeal) in their sale rack. It was marked down 1/2 off to $15 but it had an orange sticker which meant take 50% off that price so these grape coasters would be around $8.

Nope, when the cashier scanned it, it rang up $0.01!!! For some reason, maybe it was an old product, maybe it was keyed in wrong or what.. but it was a penny!

Here's the kicker, since it had an orange tag, I got 50% off of it. So the penny came off the needlepoint and wound up being $0.00 (AKA FREE!)

God I love a good sale! I think part of it may be due to the fact they are going to be moving stores soon. Maybe they just want to get products off their hands. Either way I do not care, their loss is my gain!!! :)


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