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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink sequined cardigan

I upgraded a pink cardigan with some sequins. The cardigan was kind of small fitting in the chest area so it was one of those things I would have to wear open. But I found it bland and boring and wanted some sparkle. :)

I had purchased a bag of sequins on clearance at Hancock Fabrics. I thought I was getting a steal with them at $0.99. But then when they were rang up at the register they were $0.20!!!! I went and got all the rest of the sequins! I now have pink, brown, and turquoise! I don't think I even broke $5 total! So excited! I simply added the sequins by hand (I'm fast total time = less than 3 hours and I was watching tv!). I sewed 1 row at a time. Just edging the satin bias tape edge. Additionally, I slightly overlapped the sequins, with the new sequin going under the already attached sequin. Then I repeated doing the next row... Done!

So just a little bling and the cardigan takes on a whole different feel. Perfect for work! :) Yay for easy refashioning.


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