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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vanilla Sprinkles Cardigan

I swore that I was not going to sew anymore until my parents left as to not make a royal mess in my 2nd room. But that doesn't mean I can not bead.... :) Like I said before, I am a mad beader. It is all from fixing many bellydance costumes!

I started out with a plain off white cardigan I got at goodwill. I can always use more cardigans for work. It can get pretty cold in the lab but be blazing hot outside!

The size was fine but I thought it could use some pizzazz. In my bead stash I purchased off another crafter off craigslist I had these perfect off white pearls in 2 different shapes that would go nicely on the satin part of the cardigan. I chose to not bead the sleeves, since I always push them up. No use adding beads to that... they will just fall off or scratch me. Don't want either scenario. So I am only beading the opening and around the neck. So off I went beading, I just did a random pattern with the beads, nothing fancy, using all of my beads (sweetness in and of itself!).

I did notice that there were 2 small holes in the shoulder, which I mended..This then lead to a discovery that the serged shoulder seam was coming undone. I sewed that closed and hoped no other hole would magically appear. Luckily it did not!

End product... a cute beaded cardigcan. When I put it on, it just reminded me of vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. They were the perfect shade. So I call this the Vanilla Ice Cream Sprinkled cardigan :)

Thanks for reading! And P.S. that dress I am wearing underneath will be refashioned soon! And don't mind my post work nerdiness! :)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this blog. You are very good at refashioning!


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