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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 70: Filigree Ring Refashion

Still on my filigree kick.... I had these filigree rings that I had intended on blinging out. But just never got around it to and they seemed to not keep a decent shape. I decided to change it up and turn them into something else!

First I banged them out flat, which wasn't too hard. Luckily they didn't break. For this project I decided to use the silver ones since they had the same tone. Using my stash of Swarovski rhinestones, I chose a turquoise in color and the jonquil and came up with a design.

I simply used my cement and glued them on.

Next they needed hooks to actually go into my ears... details.

I found these simple earring hooks in a stash from my mom (thanks mom!). Simply loop my ring through and I am done!

The turquoise rhinestones photograph odd. Hmm. Who knows. For more of my 90 days to DC posting click here!


1 comment:

Lovely Light said...

Wow- I never would have thought of this. Great idea!


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