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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 77: Grandma's yellow lace tablecloth refashion

So let me first start off that this was NOT my grandmothers tablecloth. It maybe have been a goodwill purchase for $0.99. But it is that tablecloth that probably everyone's grandmother put on their table. In various colors. This on is a bright Sunflower Yellow.

Sadly it did not fit my table. And it also had paint on it on one part.

I was going to use a pattern for this refashion. Because it was a huge piece of fabric! I used this new pattern from Simplicity aimed at new sewers because they explain every step. Though as with simplicity patterns lately I was still confused.

I did view C. Here is me cutting out my fabric!

I did not want a see through top so I found a thin cotton to use as a lining for this top. This was not part of the pattern so I thought I would wing it. I thought I had a good idea by using basting spray to prevent the lining from slipping from the yellow lace. But I sprayed the wrong side.....

Then I had issues with the spray sticking to my foot of my sewing machine then that was ugly. I used some tissue paper to help with this. OMG it so did! Then it simply ripped right out! I so recommend it! I wrestled with the fabrics. It completely added a TON of time to this project.

Basically I sewed the lining to the lace, trimmed the excess fabric and turn the material right side out. I then proceeded to follow the pattern except The armholes were already finished, as was the bottom hem. Then sewed the center to give me the bat wing arms. :) Here is my end top. It looks great with a pair of white pants!

I should have sewn each layer separately. Next time I will. It would flow better. Next time. I highly recommend this pattern. It is easy and it fits well and it isn't big and the neckline is just perfect. :)

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Avic said...

I think a cami under it would be cute and leave the fabric see through... but in DC you will want the built in lining ;)

La La Lauren!!! said...

no it would have been too itchy. its a weird feeling material!


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