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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 89: My 10 minute halloween costume

Our friends' Kim and Jamie were getting married and I had no idea if I was going to make it or not with the move and everything going on. But alas we were in town. There wedding was at 530 and I was NOT thinking. I am trying to keep up with the move which is so last minute and I didn't even think of a costume! Their wedding was a Tim Burton themed wedding and invited people to wear costumes. Err. At 330pm I realized I had nothing to wear, it completely DID NOT cross my mind. Initially before the even started I was going to be marie antoinette and had a dress to refashion. So I really had nothing, and I had half a house that was packed. Wow....

So I started going through some stuff. I found a pair of shorts from Hot Top that I have had forever that was black and lace and ruffles. I have never worn them before. I kept them for a long time and thought they would be a bellydance costume. I next grabbed a black skirt that was a 2X that was going to turn into a pair of bellydance pants. But I just haven't had any time. I found 2 black flowers that I realized had safety pins on them and I found a few scattered safety pins in my house b/c I could not find my stock.

So I rolled up and gathered and pinned the gathers in the front only. And added a pair of boots

Found a black top and some feathered craft trim. I folded the trim in half to make like a feathered neckline.

That was safety pinned down. Now it is cold outside so I added a cranberry jacket. Then I needed to tame those feathers. And they dyed my fingers black. I got annoyed but I was running out of time so if I removed them I would have to wash my chest and neck. So I had a red ruffle scarf that worked perfectly. It kept the feathers at bay.

So added some hair flowers and feathers (hey didn't have to do my hair! yes!) And I was off to the party. Here are some pictures.

Let me say the feathers were annoying but they kept my neck super warm in the chilly weather. I will also add that I will not be taking them to DC. They shed, they dyed things, and therefor they are gone! I had a great night with friends before the move and glad I got to see my friends get married!

1 more day! And 3 more days to the move! Ahhhhhhhhh. For more of my saner posts of the 90 days click here.


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