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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 82: Fun with dye! fuschia dyed scarves

Day 82! Wahoo!

Today I wanted to experiment with color and use up my bottle of Fuschia RIT dye. I had 2 shawls/scarves that I wanted to amp up the color. One was a purple one and the other was a light pink with embroidered accents.

I did a general dye for the light pink scarf but for the purple one I attempted to ombre. I attempted to find the center of the scarf and I did a dip quickly, then held it out towards the end of scarf, then I wanted the ends to be the darkest so I pulled it out of the dye pot and let that soak the longest in the dye. I could not get a picture during this process since it was only me at home but I do have the last part here.

I washed both of them and crossed my fingers, hoping the dye would take these fabrics. Here are the end scarves. Yay I need more scarves!

First the light pink with flower accents. The light pink took some of the dye but the flowers took ALOT of the dye as did the fringe. I was so surprised! But Pleased!

Now the purple scarf. The ombre you can only see like 2 color layers instead of 3. And it is slightly crooked but not bad for my first time!

Would have never thought this scarf was purple! The pink took great! For more of my 90 days of blogging to DC projects click here.


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