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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 76: Butterfly shirt from a skirt

It all started with this skirt. I was going to refashion it for someone's blog but then life got in the way several months ago.  I loved the butterflies.Instead I thought I would have a go at what I could do with it.

I really thought I would have liked this skirt more on as a skirt. I missed with having it as a regulare shirt. And I did NOT like it!

So I tried off-centering it.

For the armhole I opened it up about 8 inches. Fold over 2 time and sew

For the Neckline I did the same thing.

I sewed down the button at the bottom of the skirt so the top wouldn't open up.

I sewed until the top button b/c even though I had elastic in the back. It helps to have the top (now bottom) button of the skirt to put it on.

So here is the end refashion. It isn't bad. this was a hard refashion to make.

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