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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 72: The tribe has spoken part 1

The tribe has spoken. Mostly because the dress is probably the biggest thing I have ever gotten for $0.99. It could also fit an entire tribe within it too and/or cover the tribe with all the fabric as a tent.

But man the print was to die for! And really soft and fabulous!
It is weird but sometimes you don't noticed odd features until you are about to take it all apart. Take these buttons!

I saved the buttons for later. Now I decided to use the bottom portion of the dress to make a top. Something useful I could wear to work. I opted for this Sew Stylish Simplicity pattern 1808. I am making the top.
This pattern was super easy to follow. And make. I only had one issue with the pinning on the band to the rest of the shirt. I did it to the wrong curve. It took awhile to pull out the seam. Sigh. Otherwise this pattern was great! Oh and I cut a 16 b/c the pattern is for knits only so if I would have cut my size then the shirt wouldn't fit. So by cutting a 16 I have plenty of room to wear and it fits well! I have marked this pattern as good! Want to use it again. Just maybe not for the shorts or pants.

Here is my final blouse! Love it! It is busy but I don't care. I have saved the rest of the dress b/c I think I can do something with it. Stay tuned!

So you can't see the details of the shirt with the busy pattern. But it isn't too bad. Will be a great shirt for work. Yay. Well maybe in the spring. For more of the 90 days of blogging posts click here.


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