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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 67: Filigree Necklace redo

I found this pendant I think seriously on the ground somewhere. Can't remember where. It was so pretty, I thought I could fix it up.

In comes the black spray paint!

It took 2 coats. Next I just simply wanted to add some of my crystal bling I got on sale at Micheal's when they moved. My biggest question was what color did I want to use? (BTW they were all half off and then another half off!)

I opted for Jonquil.

Here are my supplies. GS Hypo cement (awesome glue). And orange stick and tweezers-both of these will make you life easier when applying the rhinestones, or else you get glue everywhere with your fingers.

I started with the outer bling and then worked my way in.

Enter ugly necklace I brought on clearance. I pulled off the beads and I was only going to use the chain.

Then I opened up the jump rings and attached the necklace to the pendant.

Cute huh? And of course the pictures don't do it justice b/c I am a bad photographer. Those Swarovski crystals really grab the light! For more of my posts from this 90 day torture adventure click here.

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