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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 71: Little home on the Paisley

So I just realized this post was scheduled wrong! Sorry for the late post! Tomorrow will be no issue. :) Because I am checking now. Wow this dress is ugly. Wow. Just wow. It reminded me of something I would see on the show little house on the prairie and hence the name. Got to love a good pun!

If you can get past the lace collar and look at the actual fabric. It is gorgeous. I love paisleys.

Actually the dress about fit. The shoulder pads needed to be removed that the funky waist with pockets had to go too! And don't get me started on that lace piece. Yuck!

Next the collar piece. When I started to undo the seam I saw there was another seam. :(

Even though I love pockets, this piece had to go. My plan was to connect the top portion with the lower skirt portion.

I basically gathered the bottom skirt and sewed it onto the top all stretched out. Yes that was crazy to sew it. But it worked. I decided to leave the sleeves b/c I need a sleeved dress for colder weather. 

Then I had to reattach the interface for the collar to the collar so I didn't have to worry about fnishing the edge.

Done! So far I kind of like it with out a belt.

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Melodee said...

how cute it turned out! love it!! love your blog!!


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