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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 81: Not all refashions go to heaven...

So not all of my refashions go to heaven, i.e. make it into my closet as a finished product. I thought this would be fun to do since I do have the before pictures. Each is then followed by what happened and why I did not complete. :)

This one is a stretchy shirt and i was planning on making a draft of a bathing suit out of it. I was also going to combine it with the leftover black spandex from my mermaid skirt. But then I got wind of the move, and there was not enough time to mess with it. I gave it back. Sad but I'm moving to the cold weather I won't need a bathing suit.

I actually brought this dress. It looked so cute on the hanger. But when I put it in, it was awful. Just plain awful. The thighs were tight it made no sense. I tried to take it apart but I had no luck with it and couldn't turn it into something else. It was badly sewn too. I opted to toss it out and save my sanity. 

I had full intenions of turning this into a bellydance costume. I still hold onto it with hops I may turn it into a dress. i don't think I will be dancing much for a while. I don't need another costume. I wish I could turn it into a fun dress. I am still on the fence with this one. :(

OMG this dress was hideous and had so much fabric coming out of everywhere. I realized it was too bright for me and gave it back. Especially with moving. You need a pair of sunglasses to not blind yourself with all these bright colors! 

I thought I could make a fun halter top with this. But then move came and I opted to give it up. I loved the colors. I was drawn to that. 

I realized the dress had too much blue and I hated the fabric. It was too shiny. I gave it back. I did have some high hopes for it. But the thin fabric is not condusive to my northern move!

I was going to attempt to turn this into a sweater and add some embellishments. Partway into my refashioning, there were numerous small holes in the knit that could not be cut out or fixed. I abandoned ship

I started to sew this with some black embellishments. However once I was cutting into this thin fabric and sewing it the collar began to curl. Obviously this needs some sort of stabilizing while sewing since it is so thin. Again jumped ship!

Hot mess! Again it was thin matieral. The move happened and I don't need more sun dresses. Gave it back. :)

My original intention with this dress was to wear it backwards making a one shoulder dress. Once I attempted to do so, I realized it was a lot of work and again I didn't need another dress. Plus its velvet, sewing this fabric is a challenge in itself. Gave back to save my sanity. 

Now there really isn't anything wrong with this dress.I was going to add trim etc but just felt it wasn't worth the time with the other projects I could work on. Plus I felt like a stuffed sausage for some stupid reason. Gave back. 

Too short, the velvet grabbed everything and anything. I realized I did not want any garment made from this fabric. Gave back.

This was fun. I am trying to bring the least amount of refashions with me while I move. Actually I am doing well with that. :) For more of my 90 days of blogging to DC click here!


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