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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 75: Melted plastic beads experiment

It all started with Pinterest..... Bad pinterest! I found this pin here for melted beads. I really wanted to know if it was true...
So I decided to use the beads in my stash that I have no idea what to do with them and a muffin pan I never use and wasn't planning on taking with me.

So I followed the instructions she mentions. And wow did it stink up my my apartment. I also tried a bigger pan I had and never used.

Really you just simply add beads. Insert into oven! Here they are in the process of melting really cool!

Unfortunately my small ones didn't work. I am guessing some were glass and thus not hot enough to melt. But some did melt so they turned out like this...

However the other ones look great!

Let them cool outside b/c they smell. Your neighbors will hate you. Literally when cool enough turn pan over and the plastic pops right out!

So I had fun playing with beads. And smelling up the place. I wish I would have inserted something so I could hang them but I didn't and I don't have a drill. Nor do I know how to drill plastic. And I wish I did some thicker. But it was an experiment. Here are some more pictures! :)

This one is my favorite. However I needed more beads b/c it wound up being a little thin in one corner. :( oh well!

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Lovely Light said...

Very cool. Maybe you could wrap them with some wire and use it to make a loop for hanging?

TracyKM said...

That's neat! I've done Shrinky Dinks before, and I know you can recycle plastic containers to do that, but never thought about beads. We've also done a lot with Perler beads lately, I wonder if they'd melt the same way since they're designed to melt with an iron!

La La Lauren!!! said...

thank you ladies. I gave them to another crafter to see what she could do with them! I don't need them. :) Tracy would love to see what you can melt! :)


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