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Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 62: Blue Shirt FAIL

Well this weekend was another bust. I started to get sick on thursday and was pretty much useless on Friday, missing work. My head is finally feeling better and I am cohesive but I got nothing done with packing, or sewing, or blogging. So needless to say I am a little behind. I usually blog on the weekends or at night and schedule them but that did not happen this weekend. Today is another sewing fail :( I had this great fabric but now later I am realized this is a liner fabric and not a wear sort of fabric. It is all about learning huh? Right??

I decided to use this pattern

I did the purple/longer sleeve option. what I did not realize is this fabric was way to thin to use for this pattern. Really it is not good for anything. The binding for the neckline was too short. I know I cut it on the bias but there isn't enough stretch. I felt the neckline was too low for my comfort. I tried to save the top by gathering the neckline but that didn't help. I decided to throw in the towel.

Otherwise the pattern would have fit nicely. I would like to alter the front neckline to cover up more and I think this pattern would be full of win. I have more of this sort of fabric and I have decided to back it with fusible fleece or interfacing and make more bibs for charity like I did here.

Here's to finishing a post by the end (!!!) of the day and here's to me writing for a little bit longer tonight to at least make it to tomorrow. For more of my 90 days of blogging posts click here.



Bonny Yokeley said...

I applaud you for finishing your post at least. I've had a sewing fail, which I discovered about half-way through the project. I never finished the dress or the post. Based on the picture, it doesn't look bad, but I know photographs usually hide flaws.Sorry it was a waste of your time and efforts.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank Bonny! Halfway through it was not bad but then the front gathering just didn't work. I stopped there. It just didn't sit right. I decided to post it so people I fail also. :) Everyone has sewing fails once in a while! :)


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