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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 78: Burned Satin Flowers

Another fabric flower post! This project all started out with some harem pants I made many, many years ago but blew out the inseam at a Rennaisance Faire. Luckily I was wearing a skirt over top. No one saw a thing but the expression on my face when it happened. they were beyond repair and decided to use the scraps to make flowers.

These are very easy to make and if you have any sort of pyro inkling, this is the project for you! First cut circles from the satin at various sizes and then quickly burn with a lighter.

Next just glue the layers together going from large to small. 

I wanted something for the center so I added a big black bead I had. Done! 

Then simply I added the aligator clips and the flowers were ready. This is a great scrap busting project.

I really like this project. I have done some before with black but these are thicker. I like them thicker. For more of my 90 days of blogging click here.


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