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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 16: Fashion Star Dress

Sewing project today! I was really really hopefully with this pattern from Fashion Star. It is such a cute dres.

I don't have many pictures of making this dress and I had to finish it before a party. LOL. And yes finger cymbals make a great pattern weights!

It was not hard to sew either but I was under the impression the bat wing was attached to a slim fitting dress. NO it is not. It is just a huge dress with the illusion of it being attached by your hip. If you look at the model in the picture closely you can see that it clearly doesn't fit her. The dress was a bit short for my taste and I didn't even hem it since I had a knit. Tho the knit I used by the end of the night started to sag. Don't know if it was bad matieral, the humidity, or a combination of everything...

I got to wear it our for my friend Stephanie's birthday. We met for a little party and then it was a tour of her favorite bars. These were the only pictures of me with the dress on. I have since washed it and afraid that it may have shrunk more. So I will stay in my little sewing bubble that it is still perfect and I don't want to mess up my closet. :) Here are the pictures courtesy of Frank Lee Roberts (FLR) of a wonderful and fun night with friends I don't always get to see and hang out with much. :( And yes you will get to see some pictures in action of me out! LOL I know it is not very often you see pictures with my face on the blog!

And my favorite picture of the night, granted the one previous was with the birthday girl is pretty great. But the best one is with her husband, Jamey, is just too good. And well doesn't show off the dress.

Can you imagine if I hemmed the dress?? Wow it would have been way to short! Especially on my long legs. Glad I didn't! Oh and I had just finished a bellydance performance so hence the hindi-inspired face makeup. Also word to the wise-mike's hard lemonade is a malted beverage. Malt= bad for gluten people. I learned that this evening at the party. Fun times! As always all of my posts from this 60 day experiment can be found here.


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beauty star dresses said...

Like your dress, and I have some star dresses, will you see them alright?


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