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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 12: Christmas Cross Stitch Banner 1!

I have actually had this project done since the end of March/ beginning of April. I call this the "Keep Lauren busy while traveling" cross stitch. Actually, I have several of these cross stitch banners that I wanted to finish for christmas and I was going to bunt them all together and display them on my fireplace mantle in December.

I attended 2 conferences in March/April: SGO and AACR. I was on a plane for a bit not to mention in an airport terminal. So I brought this cross stitch along with me as a way to unwind my poor brain.

And in those 2 weeks of travel and meetings, I actually finished this banner!

I won't trim down until the rest of them are ready. :) Yay! For more of my 60 days of blogging posts click here. 48 more days to go!


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