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Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 10: Granny wants her shorts back!

Wahoo survived to day 10! 50 more days of my 60 days to dc blogging torture goal. Well I got these shorts when I was home from Christmas (yes Christmas, that is correct). I love polka dots. And I loved the red accents on the pockets. But sheesh! These shorts were hideous!

So what to do? It actually had this cool hidden zipper among the pocket which was really cool. I thought this would make a fabulous skirt since it sort of had a pencil-esque sort of appearance.

Here is what I did!

First I removed the inseam seams with my thread ripper. Actually here is an easy way to remove serged seams.... Serging involves 2 loops of threads with a stay straight stitch. You want to pull out the stay stitch first! Using your seam ripper, pull out/cut the straight stitch but don't start at the very edge of a garment. I say this b/c it will not work b/c usually the very ends are usually fixed so the seam won't unravel with some sort of adhesive. So start a little bit aways from the edge of the garment.

Grab the thread and pull it out. Yes it really is that easy. Sorry I thought I had taken more pictures. Then the loops literally just fall apart and poof you are done with the seams.

Now sometimes you will have a 4 thread overlock (serger) stitch, the same exact thing can be done with pulling the other thread out. And occasionally you will have both a serged edge and then a regular sewn seam. Which makes pulling seams out fun. Next, we need to turn the shorts into a skirt. Now I only removed up past the "J" shape of the shorts.! ;)

I did the same for the back. I cut off the excess. Here is the finished result. 

yes I am having formatting issues today with blogger. Le sigh. I am too lazy to go and take everything out and start over again. Its only day 10 and we are having issues with blogger. LOL! 50 More days to go! For the rest of the days blog posts click here.


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Anonymous said...

I just saw a pair of shorts marked down at the store and thought, "Hey can I turn these into a skirt?" Thanks for your post...I'm heading back to the store tomorrow. :)


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