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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2: Striped Bellydance Pants

Yay so I have survived the first day of 60 days to dc of blogging. Whew! Yesterday was my black rose ring. Today is all about sewing! Sewing striped pirate pants! Argh!

So let's back track. Baklava Bellydance got hired to perform at the Pirate Festival this summer. We had to come up with costumes that look pirate/gypsy sort of feel. Lisa, like myself, is another fabric hoarder and said she had this fabric to make the pants. We all drooled. Flash to the Pirate Festival-it was a washout, literally we got inches and inches of rain and it was canceled. Sigh.

Determined to wear the pants I sewed 5 pair!!! Sonja and I were dancing at another hafla and we decided to wear them. Wow what a day getting to Pensacola. I arrived at the place to discover I was missing my assuit bra. I digress, let me tell you how I actually made them...

I started out with Vogue Pattern 2064- from Donna Karan.
I made the C version of the pants b/c they were wider at the leg bottom. I also realized the pattern only went to a 10. Technically we are 12/14 (sewing patterns are sized much differently. So I figured b/c we were using stretchy fabric and the pattern has a big ease (means its not meant to hug your body), I think it would work. 

Cut the fabric, which OMG BTW was the hardest thing ever to cut. The fabric oozes, squirms, and does whatEVER it feels like. and yes my zils were handy and I used them as pattern weights! awesome!

I cut for 5 people!!! There was 13 yards of fabric! I used about 8 yards! Sewing wasn't fun but I used my walking foot and the seams were pretty.
Here is the end product with costume and now back to the story.
We made overskirts with the leftover fabric (and just had enough!!!) 
The waist of these pants comes up high, we folded them over and don't need any elastic. So my calculations were accurate. wahoo!
Back to the performances. My hair was a mess (obviously from the pictures) . We were late! and I forgot my bra costume. Sigh. A dancer lent me her black halter bra. We pinned a necklace minutes before we got on stage to the upper portion of the cup. And then I found another long necklace in my bag (it had been missing for several months so I was happy I found it!) and created a drape. Good enough for a performance. Here is a closer look

What  a performance, actually I had a great performance just a rough getting dressed. This performance will go down in the record books. 

But hey the pants look great huh??? Here's to Day 2 gone, 58 days to go! click here for the other posts!


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Anonymous said...

how did you make the overskirt?


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