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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 5: Dyed Yellow Silk Veils

So I am actually still in New Orleans. Today is the aquarium day. :) I love fish.

I dyed 5 veils for my students. We all selected sunflower yellow, an acid dye from Dharma Trading. I really like acid dye with silk, I tend to get very bright colors. So I followed the instructions and dyed 2 at a time. Luckily here they match so I was able to saturate the dye bath- yes! Maybe I am learning something with all the dying I have done. :)

No tie effect either. Ahh. They was great. here are 2 of them with them. They did a great job dancing! :)

I love you girls! :)

5 days done, 55 to go! Err, so far so good! Click here to see the other posts and projects!



Karessa said...

We love you to and will miss you so much :(

La La Lauren!!! said...

:) Hugs. You girls did a great job! No worries I will still annoy everyone with emails and blog posts.


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