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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 23: Go fly a pink kite dress

yay! I have made it to day 23. Today is a refashion. Started off with this dress.
The color is nice but the sleeves just don't work. I do like the fun ruffles across the chest. I called this the kite dress because the pattern looks like small kites.

First good bye sleeves and mini shoulder pads.

Fixed the armholes.

Now this dress is another homemade dress. They didn't even close the elastic casing!

I wanted to leave the elastic since it will help distribute the dress even if I wear a belt. To my disgust I found this!

Cut that off and took off more of the elastic to better fit my waist.

Next... the length! Like always I start with pinning the front and back together so I can attempt to cut a straight line.

Then make my marks..

Cut off and then fold over 2X and sew!

The end result is here

I love this dress. I paired it with my belt and it just fits great! I do have to wear a slip underneath b/c it is sort of see-thru especially with a camera flash. Now the dress is just right. So 37 more days to go! Check out the other posts of my 60 day project here.



Lovely Light said...

I really like how you changed the dress. Kudos!

Penny-Rose said...

Great fashion - this dress has been transformed. Well done.


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