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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 22: Butterfly ornaments

yesterday I posted on how I turned this  bad top into a top with sequined shoulders.

Now there are some butterflies left and I decided to turn them into ornaments for the Holocaust Museum of Houston for their Butterfly project

First I back them with black fusible interface. 

Then I glued them to felt. Cut away.

Just need something for them to hang by. I used some ribbon I had in my pile...

I sewed them down with some thicker black thread. I took care to not ruin the front sequins.


And off they go! This will be my 4th donation to some sort of organization this year. I sent 2 boxes to Bundles of love. Then 1 box of pillowcase dresses for dress a girl around the world. Now this will make 4.

As always all of my projects can be found from this 60 days of blogging experience here


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