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Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3: Go USA dipped strawberries

Today will be my food post! These strawberries are great for the 4th of July (which is what I made these for) or to watch the Summer Olympics. :)

These are pretty easy to make. I got the candy in white (which was white chocolate) and blue (mint tasting) from Hobby Lobby. Melted them in the microwave. Dipped the white chocolate first, let them cool, then redip in the blue mint candy. Seriously they took 15 minutes total to make.

They were a hit at the party. They were such a hit, I didn't even eat one. But the slight hint of mint with chocolate and strawberry was really, really good and unexpected. I think I will have to make these more. I am all out of the white (I used 1 bag per 2 cartons of strawberries, however I over melted the chocolate which I learned you can do- who knew!).

So have you been following my 60 days to DC blogging? Here are the other previous days!

3 Days down! 57 More days to go! :)


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