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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 29: I am seeing swirls

Yay another refashion! I am really pushing towards refashions to not move with clothing that doesn't fit. And if you can't tell I have acquired a stock of ugly clothing. Today was an exception. I thought when I bought this shirt that I could wear it AS IS. I need more long sleeved tops and I really thought this was a hit. When I put it on, not pretty.

Overall we are just a tad too big and too big of sleeves. The sleeves really overwhelm the top. So I cut them off but left enough fabric to fold over on to the collar.

Fold 2X and stitched down. Easier said than done with the chiffon. Grr.

Time to take it in!

Sew that puppy down and we are done! I paired it with a fun black pencil skirt.

Here it is with the shirt out to see what it looks like. It fits well but just looks cuter tucked in...

I still need more winter shirts though... DC is coming! Hello cold weather! For more of my 60 days to DC posts click here.



Lovely Light said...

Your re-fashion talent is so amazing!

Anonymous said...

I followed your link for Refashion Co-op. Really like what you did with this blouse. You also mentioned still needing items for colder weather and a thought occured to me. Do you think the sleeves from this blouse could be made into a shrug to go with it or some other outfit? It might not work but thought I'd pass it along to you. Happy refashioning!

sew vala said...

This is so much nicer now. The colar detail really stands out. Love it.


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