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Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 27:Starry Nights Bellydance Costume

I called this costume Starry Nights rather than blue and black crystal b/c when I was looking at it one night sewing, I reminded me of Van Gough's starry nights.

The blue and black swirls with the tips of white. Here is a picture tutorial of what I did and tracking my progress.

Matching the swirls was the hardest. Now for the belt. Pretty much repeat the top.

I started to fill in the bra and belt at the same time

Now I usually just fill in starting with the biggest beads I have available and split between the bra and belt. And then work my way down in size. This has become sort of my beading signature. I am very good at doing this! Then I added fringe and some drapes!

Here is me performing in this costume.

I just wished I had not blended into the stage or the stage lights were on. In the light this costume is stunning. The crystal is way too pretty! I do like the open sides. They look nice against my pale skin.

Here is the costume done but not on me but some nice close ups

Hope you enjoyed how I made this costume. Sometimes I wish I put it on a blue background b/c sometimes I think the swirls get lots. If I begin to really hate it I will pull every one of these beads, btw this is the most expensive costume I have ever made being that it is all made out of crystal-some of which are Swarvoski, and redo an entire costume. Yes I am absolutely serious about this!

Here is to the rest of my posts, an a non-threatening hurricane coming my way. For more of my 60 days of blogging posts see here.



Lovely Light said...

It's stunning! You really have inspired me to try making my own! I have two old bras that are still good and perfect to transform. I'm thinking of making an adjustable belt (I'm pregnant and my current costume won't fit for much longer!) to match. The hardest part is figuring out how much sequins and beads I'll need.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Lovely light! I am so happy to hear that little ole me would inspire you. I will say you have to watch out you may get addicted ;) I can't really offer much advice with how much you need but disregard number of beads, it means nothing, go by look. Think about it its enough to cover a bra and belt, depending on your design. Then you are good or you may just need a smidge more. :)


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