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Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 31: One shouldered LBD nightmare

Yay for another refashion! I found this "one shouldered nightmare" for $0.99 at goodwill one Sunday. It has potential just not by itself.

It is just a tad too big in the waist and chest area. The armholes needed to be pinched in. there was no zipper so unless I wanted to put one in (short answer: no), then I needed to make it tiny with the ability to pull it over my head. It also had this funky bottom hem... sort of like a hi-lo but sideways. Pretty ugly.

I cut off those annoying hanger straps. I tailored in the armholes to give it a better shape.This was definitely not going to be a work dress so time to cut off the hem. Good bye side mullet. Foldover 2X and sew down for a nice clean hem.Unfortunately all of these pictures were lost somehow.

Done! Add a belt with a fun pattern, and I am ready for a Good-bye party for our friends Chad and Andy going to Arkansas. Everyone is moving, not only us! But of course I got zero pictures of it! :( So here it is with me at home!

So glad this LBD is no longer a nightmare but super cute! Hope you enjoyed it! For more of my 60 days of blogging posts click here!


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