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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 19:Gluten Free Brownie Mix Review

So this weekend is a gluten free review weekend.  Today we are reviewing the brownies mix I found at TJ Max of all places! Actually, on a side note I have found a lot of inexpensive gluten-free snacks at TJ Max, it has been a nice treat!

So the mix again is that lighter texture. Sort of weird but nothing too weird. This calls for melted butter. Once you add everything the mix become quite dough-y. It was thick!! It was also hard to get the brownies to sit normal in my baking pan. I followed the instructions and again like all gluten free mixes I have tried YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE COMPLETELY COOLED TO EAT THEM! B/c if you don't they completely fall apart. The texture was good, the taste is good too. They would be great with mixing them with nuts or chocolate chips. Not to buttery either, which is another problem I find in these mixes. Another issue is you don't know when they are officially done b/c the batter is not like most batters with cooking. You have to wing it per se. Sort of annoying but such are the joys of gluten free baking. :)

Would I buy this again? Maybe in a pinch or if I am lazy. I would like to go back to those cauliflower brownies I have seen online. Right now I am trying to not make so many things from scratch since I know the move is coming up. I will go crazy with more baking projects once I get to DC.

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TracyKM said...

I have tried several times to alter my favourite brownie recipe to be gluten-free/low carb. I've tried coconut flour, almond flour and flax meal. Coconut flour is hard to adapt. Almond meal has a texture the kids noticed (and is not school friendly). The best result was heavy on the flax meal/almond flour ratio and I whirled it for a minute in my coffee grinder first. Other than almond and flax meal, every other ingredient is just normal stuff--eggs, baking powder, cocoa, sugar (sweetener)...stuff you'd probably have anyway :)

La La Lauren!!! said...

thanks Tracy! those are really good ideas. I will definitely try them. my biggest issue right now is I just won't want to buy any sort of different flour before the move. I don't want things to go to waste b/c we won't be moving any sort of food items. So I have been refraining to experiment with different combos of things. Once I move however, it will definitely be game on! :)


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