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Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 24: Madame X Bellydance Fishtail skirt

So now I am finally getting caught up with posting for my bellydance costumes. Here is part 1 of 3 for this particular costume. First I will start off with the Madame X bellydance skirt pattern. Many of us bellydancers have seen this pattern but many have not ventured to try it out. I decided to take the leap. I went for the fishtail option which has a half circle inserted into the back of the skirt. 

I don't have many pictures from me cutting. I just did black spandex. It uses a lot! 

Here are some pictures from my solo performance showing it. Though black on black makes it hard to see. All of these photos were taken by Act Natural Photography

And don't laugh I make funny faces. So the problem with this skirts which I did not have enough time to fix was the waist was super big. Why b/c I made it to the widest part of my hips. But the fabric is stretchy so I can totally just cut the waist smaller and it will naturally fit my hips just right. Which this did not! Also the legs were boxy. I need to go and and re-fit this skirt for a better shape. I can cut everything smaller. Will try again soon! Here are 2 pictures not on a black stage. It just hangs on me. Way to big!

36 more days left!! For the rest of the 60 day projects click here.


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