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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 18:Gluten Free Snack review!

I have been trying to find more snack that are gluten free, I can take with me to work and other events for a just in case. Plus I just miss snacks. :( Here are today's list of gluten free I have tested!

So the Cocoa-Loco bars are delish. Very cakey but tastes like a brownie. Really good.
Both coconut bars are awesome!
Now on to Mary's gone crackers..... They are not bad, but they are not something you want to eat alone. My boyfriend loves them, me they are OK. There are a lot of seeds in them.
I tried them with peanut butter and other jams and jellies and they were a great dipping cracker.
So happy there is gluten free snacks out there! 42 more days left!!! Again for all my projects of my 60 days of blogging to DC click here.



TracyKM said...

I think I have those same crackers; my mom gave them to me (I do low carb/high fat). They are dull! With Salsa or hummus they are edible. FOr crackers now I just fry up some grated cheese (I've tried several cracker recipes, including the one from "Wheat Belly" but none worked). Thankfully, I'm not really a cracker person.
I make my own coconut chocolate candies too.
I can't afford to buy gluten free products since I've got 3 kids, LOL. And, many gluten free products are still high carb anyway (which I don't think is an issue for you!).

La La Lauren!!! said...

LOL no high carb isn't an issue. :) I am just always hungry and there are not a bunch of options at my work for snacks. So hence why I have been trying different snacks. One day I will make my own... one day. ;)


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