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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 28: Blue and Black crystal Necklace

You have seen all the components of my Starry Nights Costume (skirt, bra/belt) except for the last part- the jewelry!

I had leftover beads and found this fun black smoke crystal I used as my accentuating piece for my necklace. But it photographs a different color! Here is me using my bead board. I used jewelry wire covered with nylon, like I always do.

Then added clasps and closed everything off with crimp beads.

You can see me wearing it with my costume here.

It is a really nice statement piece to add to the costume. Even from far away you can see it. If only I didn't blend into my stage and curtains!
Here is a better picture of it just in my house.

Hope you enjoyed my costume series. Of course I am off making another costume.... I can't help myself. For the rest of my 60 days to DC blogging click here.


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