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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 57: Lumberjack Lauren Top Refashion

The only words I could come up with for this dress was Lumberjack from the red plaid. Normally not a fan of plaid shirts but for some reason I was compelled to buy this shirt. I need more long sleeved shirts for my Northern move and I have been a Southerner too long, I am going to be so cold! And why it is called the Lumberjack Lauren refashion.

Give me and axe and some wood and I am ready to go chop wood! Well not really. This shirt was a 3X! First thing was to take in the sides. But to do so I have to undo the shirring on the bottom or else it was not going to be pretty! One at a time I pulled the elastic out....

Now pull each one of those elastic puppies out by hand! Actually this was pretty easy!

After pulling them out wow the shirt was huge!

Now time to take it in! I used my dress form to pin down the sides. Then sew!

I serged off the excess material.

Surprisingly the bottom of the top had give to it from the previous elastic. So it was easy to pull over my head.  Here is the end product! :)

 btw I was attempting to swing an axe here

I debulked some of the sleeves too as you can tell. There is still a little bit of room left in the shirt but I will need to be able to layer. I will see how this goes as I wear it in the cold weather. :)

For more of my 90 days to DC posting click here. Until tomorrow people! Wahoo!


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